Brownies (regular or G.F., eggs, dairy, other allergens dependent on flavours):

 My classic brownie is the stuff of legends. Made with a gloriously fudgy cocoa and chocolate-rich batter, it’s available in different flavours including sea salt caramel, tahina & halva, orange & hazelnut, or peanut butter crunch.


Blondies (gluten, eggs, dairy, other allergens dependent on flavours):: Made the proper way with butterscotch rather than white chocolate, these deliciously indulgent blondies have a rich and nutty browned butter base and are available in different flavours including double chocolate & coconut, Nutella & hazelnut, or cardamom-laced caramel.

Raw Bars (vegan, G.F., no added sugars, all contain nuts except sunshine bar):

For those on slightly more restricted diets, I offer an array of raw vegan bars which are all gluten free and free from any added refined sugars.

  • Raw Chocolate Truffle Bar: Indulgent date & cacao truffle base with ground almonds and walnuts, all topped with a luscious chocolate ganache, extra walnut pieces for crunch and dried rose petals for extra luxury.

  • Raw ‘Snickers’ Bar: My favourite candy bar in raw vegan form? Yesss! A peanut butter ‘caramel’ chock-full of extra chopped peanuts, topped off with a rich chocolate glaze.


  • C3 Bars (Chia, Coconut & Cacao): The new energy bar, packed with protein rich chia seeds, coconut and cacao powder, this makes ‘healthy’ feel like a treat.

  • Millionaire’s ‘Shortbread’: A raw vegan ‘shortbread base’ covered with a chewy caramel and topped with a rich cacao glaze and crunchy cacao nibs.

  • Tahina Bliss Bar: A nod to the wonderful Middle Eastern sweets I grew up with. The flavours of rich tahina paste, sweet dates, and bitter cacao all come together beautifully in a delicious bite topped with a swirly glaze and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

  • Sunshine Bar: Sunny dried apricots, tropical dried mango and coconut all combine to form this gloriously fun and cheerful bar. It’s summer in your mouth!