Lemon Thyme Drizzle Loaf (G.F., Egg, Dairy): The perennial classic with a subtle herbal twist

Banana PB Loaf (G.F., Egg, dairy, peanuts): This baby has been a bestseller from day one - a winning flavour combo favoured by Elvis!


Morning Glory Loaf (vegan or regular, gluten, nuts): Packed full of grated carrots, apples, nuts and dried fruits, this makes a perfectly healthy (and perfectly irresistible) breakfast.


Banana Tahini Loaf (G.F. or regular, eggs, dairy, sesame): Super-moist and moreish, this is a more Middle Eastern approach to tea time cake


Sticky Gingerbread Loaf (vegan, gluten, nuts): Dense and dark as a winter’s night, my take on a Parkin is flavoured with a secret blend of warming spices and date molasses

Spiced Pumpkin Loaf (vegan, Gluten, nuts): All the flavours of a classic pumpkin pie in a sliceable loaf that you can have any day, not just Thanksgiving!

Sweet Potato & Sage Loaf (gluten, eggs, dairy): Classic stuffing flavours in cake form? Trust me, it works and it's amazing.

Spiced Marmalade Loaf Cake (gluten, eggs, dairy): Described by a customer as being the ‘most delicious thing they’d ever eaten, they could just sit and eat the entire loaf’. Take one bite and discover the truth for yourself!