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 scones especially! 😍 Here's some Leek
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My Story

I’m Huda, aka The CakeHead.


After earning a Bachelor’s degree in History, life took a bit of a left turn and I pursued my love of baking and patisserie at the National Bakery School and Le Cordon Bleu London. I’ve been a pastry chef & baker for about 10 years now, working all over London and after staging at a 5-star multinational hotel, I quickly learned that I was much happier working at small independent bakeries, where I could be closer to my customers. So, that’s where I’ve happily spent most of my career, having the freedom to be as creative as I liked!


Thanks to being a British Arab who was educated in American international schools, my taste buds became quite multicultural. I grew up making beautifully moreish “basbusa” with my mother and chocolate chip cookies at my friends' houses and I quickly learned that sharing food was the best way to learn about different cultures. This cultural curiosity stayed with me into adulthood and throughout my career as a chef, and it’s the reason why my menu is a bit of a cultural mashup - my food reflects me!


CakeHead London is an inclusive bakery, so as well as including different cultural influences (hello Tahini Halva Brownies!) I also offer many vegan, raw vegan, refined sugar free and gluten free items. I try to cater to people’s dietary requirements and allergies as best as I can because I truly believe that no-one should miss out on a treat!

Making flavour the focus of my food means that items only make it onto my menu if they taste great. I often find that the flashier an item looks on the web or on social media is inversely related to how great it tastes. Conversely, something that looks more ‘rustic’, like an American Bundt cake, often tastes the best. Realistically, you’re more likely to crave and be comforted by a perfectly gooey chocolate chip cookie than a perfectly crafted macaron, and that’s why my Banana Chocolate Chip Espresso Muffins have been a hit with discerning chefs everywhere I’ve worked! That’s also why CakeHead London’s motto is...

‘‘all flavour, no filters."


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